Cutting costs: maximizing your training

All training begins at the check book. what I mean by this is that unless you are in a great financial position, your ability to train is often dictated by the ability to afford those courses. In addition, as you are aware, these courses are usually the beginning of a long and expensive hobby. Between the cost of range time, ammo, targets, ear and eye protection and last but not least a firearm, the expenditures for this amazing hobby can add up and ultimately hurt the bank.

Here at Cornerstone tactical, we maximize our time to allow the extra time needed to ensure that you are not only equipped with what may be required by either you or the state of Florida, but, some tools and pointers that you may otherwise have to attend another course to get the benefit. We are here to help, but, most importantly we are here to make sure that you gain confidence in your abilities through our training and knowledge

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