Looking cool does not equate to being functional

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

I remember the first time I went to purchase a firearm, I had watched movies, done research, sought out advice and opinions and then............I entered the gun store. Everything I had done in preparation of buying my first gun went out the window. This place had all types, colors, sizes, brands, etc. and each one was better looking than the other. I wanted to look cool holding a firearm. I wanted those who saw me to say, "I want that firearm". It took very little time to realize that not all firearms are built the same. Everything comes into play when selecting the proper firearm. Size, weight, grips, magazine variations, construction type, ammo size etc. When all was said and done, I was actually able to purchase the exact firearm I had intended to purchase a Smith & Wesson 9MM semi automatic sigma. Fortunate for me, the firearm I had determined was the "one" turned out to be well manufactured, well balanced and fir in my hand like a custom glove. When I took my first shot, I knew for sure that I had made the right choice. Although I wanted cool, it took waling into a gun store for the first time to make me realize that cool does not equate to functional.

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